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Hi! My name is Creston Jamison. Welcome to Scaling PostgreSQL.

In my consulting work, I tend to get questions asking if Postgres can scale. Or, I see applications not taking into account how Postgres is designed and thus running into performance problems.

I decided to put together this weekly show as a means to educate the greater development community on what Postgres can and cannot do as well as how far you can go with it.

These shows will include my own commentary as well as curation of Postgres scaling news from around the web.

In case you are curious about me, I have been doing DBA duties for nearly two decades and have worked with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and most recently PostgreSQL. I have been working with PostgreSQL since 2009. I have used it in the development of multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) applications as well as done consulting for others.

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Creston Jamison